About us

The I.S.R was designed by a group of experienced sailors who wish to bring closer and reactivate those who love life and the sea.

We envision a widespread cooperation of people with seamanship, who respect each other's individuality and enjoy the feeling of bliss and plenitude offered by sailing.

We (the seniors) stand out for our diversity, plurality and experience in life.

We are active in the Eastern Aegean, having as our base "the island of longevity" Ikaria, organizing at the same time several cultural events.

We collaborate with sailing clubs, governmental institutions, as well as the local government.

Our emotional need is what connects us with our roots and the sea. Our maritime tradition and seamanship is expressed through sailing. It is a torch that carries this flame from generation to generation.

We chose as subtitle the ancient word Evandria.

As an award we chose the "Nestor's Golden Cup".

Dr. Christodoulos Xenakis 

Dr. Christodoulos Xenakis is a neurologist - psychiatrist and he was born in 1936 in Ikaria. He has travelled as sailor in the Northern Sea, in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. In the past few years he has been travelling with his sail boat in the Aegean, volunteering his medical knowledge and his experience. His origin from "the island of longevity" with its particular way of life, diet, behavior and time management, gave him the reason to envision and to organize a sailing trip for people of his age who are capable and willing to enjoy the pleasures of the sea. 

His wish is that IKARIA SENIOR REGATTA (Evandria) becomes a tradition.